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How do I request updates to my website?

A quick guide to support changes.


For any change requests listed below, complete the Change Approval Form as they must be approved by PMI Compliance. Once approved, PMW will get notification to make the update.
  • Address changes
  • Phone changes
  • Email changes
  • Changing or adding cities and counties


For any other common website change, please post a comment to your Pastel review link or send your request to pmisupport@mypmw.com. If your request needs approval, our support team will notify you. Items that you may request changes to are listed below:

  • Homepage Banner
  • Area Info & Images
  • Guarantees (you may choose which to display, and can make text adjustments)
  • Resources & FAQs
  • About Us
  • Blogs
  • Pricing
  • Calculators (you may request these be removed)

What pages/elements CANNOT be changed?

  1. Site design or structure (changing layout, removing sections, adding sections)
  2. Site navigation (moving pages, adding pages, etc)
  3. PMI Brand Promise
  4. PMI Purify
  5. Text changes outside the approved page list above must be reviewed by PMI


For any Pillar change, either adding or removing, please complete the Pillar Change Form. Our support team will be notified and we will then contact PMI for approval.