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How do I review my PMI website?

A comprehensive guide to what you can and cannot change on your website.


In the congratulations email, you received a Pastel review link, along with other instructions on what to do after your website is launched.

Pastel is a third-party software we use to simplify the review and update process of your website. Within Pastel, third-party links will not work, so please review your owner and resident portals along with any PDF, on your website URL.

Keep in mind not every page and area is editable. Please review the, "What Should You Review?" PDF in your congratulations email, before making any updates. If you did not receive these links, please email support.

Once you are ready to review please go to the Pastel link provided in your email. You will be brought to the homepage of your new website. The first step is to click anywhere on the homepage and then enter your name and email address. This allows us to know that you are the one commenting and making the updates. To leave a comment simply click where you would like an adjustment and type out what needs to change. Once you are complete with a comment, simply click post comment. Every comment posted will automatically create a support ticket. This will inform our support team that you have an update or question about your website.

In order to browse the rest of your website you will need to ensure you are in browse mode. By default, you are in comment mode. To browse throughout the rest of your website, please go to the bottom of the page and click the blue button to enable browse mode. You are now free to roam the rest of your website. Once you find a page where you need to make an update be sure to enable comment mode by clicking the same button. You can then create a new comment for our support team.

Our goal is to make the review process as simple and user-friendly as possible. If you have any additional questions on your website, please email support directly at pmisupport@mypmw.com.


What pages/elements should you review and what can you update?

  1. Homepage Image
  2. Area Info Writeup & Images
  3. Website Images
  4. Guarantees
  5. Resources & FAQs
  6. Pricing 
  7. About Us
  8. Blog Posts
  9. Verify Reviews are Showing
  10. Verify Form Submission Emails are Correct
  11. Verify Portal Logins are Correct

What pages/elements CANNOT be changed?

  1. Site design or structure (changing layout, removing sections, adding sections)
  2. Site navigation (moving pages, adding pages, etc)
  3. PMI Brand Promise
  4. PMI Purify
  5. Text changes outside the approved page list above must be reviewed by PMI


If you have any issues with logging into your website dashboard please contact our support team by emailing pmisupport@mypmw.com.