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How do I view my website's lifetime value?

Do you know how much value your website brings? Find out the lifetime value of your website leads.


In this video, we will show you how to view and update the calculations of your website's lifetime value.

The first step is to log in to your website dashboard by going to your website URL/admin. If you have any issues with logging into your website dashboard please contact our support team. Once you have logged into your dashboard, you will see the back end of your website. By default, the total number of leads will display from the previous month. To adjust this go to the filter date range section and change the start and end dates. Below you will see the total leads, estimated customers added, and estimated total lifetime value of the website. The calculator is based on a set average that you can update by clicking "how were these numbers calculated?"

Once you have clicked, "how were these numbers calculated," you will be taken to this page. Here you can adjust the Lead Close Rate, the Average lifetime of customers in months, the average number of units per customer, and the average annual revenue per unit. This is different depending on your business. Please adjust accordingly for the most accurate data on your website's lifetime value. Once you have your numbers set, click save changes. You can view your updated data now by clicking the home tab on the left-hand side of your website dashboard.

Your website's lifetime value is an important aspect of why you have a website. If you ever have a problem or feel your website isn't performing to its fullest potential, please reach out to our support team by emailing pmisupport@mypmw.com. We will help with any adjustments needed.