How PMW does Ads differently

We know there is never a one size fits all approach when it comes to ads. Each market is different, each property manager offers unique and different services, guarantees, and pricing.

Here at PMW, we do paid ads a little differently than the rest. We know there is never a one size fits all approach when it comes to ads. Each market is different, each property manager offers unique and different services, guarantees, and pricing. We want to ensure we are highlighting all of this information within your ads and give not only the user the best possible experience but also the property management company. Keep reading to learn some of the crucial differences by running Ads with PMW and why we do things that way.

1. We Know Our Stuff

We are industry experts & only run ads for property management companies. With that being said, we know which keywords work, how to create unique ad copy, and what main KPI”s you as a property manager are looking for. 

2. More Traffic to Your Website

Any user that clicks on your ad goes directly to your PMW website. We do this so users can get further insights into who you are and what you do. Believe it or not, the about us page is the second most viewed page on any given website! 

3. We Tailor to Your Goals

Each account has its own personalized strategy based on its goals, areas they would like to grow in, budget, etc. We work one on one with every company to understand how to structure their ads account for maximized growth.

4.No Sharing Here

A phone call or form submission completed from your Ads is your lead and your lead alone. We do not share leads or sell leads to any other business.

5. Speaking of leads  

We are also able to receive details on your leads from your ads! Instead of us just telling you the number of leads you received last month, we can see who filled out the forms & gave you a call and what services they are interested in.

6. We only target owners and investors.

We know you don't make your money from tenants, so we negate certain keywords & demographics to ensure tenants are not clicking on your ads and wasting your time and money.

7. We offer full transparency of your ads account.

We are the only Property Management company affiliate that provides you with full transparency of your PPC account. You are always able to log into your account to view your metrics or reach out to the PMW team, and we will be able to help you out.


Customized Property Management Ads for your Business

As you can see, many ways make us here at PMW different when it comes to running your ads account. We work directly with every company to understand their goals, create unique ad copy and campaigns, ensure that each company understands where their leads are coming from and offer full transparency of the ads account and the work we are doing here at PMW! Get started with your Ads account today!

Paid Ads allow us to show specific ads to users searching for property management services at the exact moment they are searching. If your business is not organically showing on page one of Google, Google Ads is a great way to ensure your company is showing at the very top of the search results page - in front of the users who are searching for your services.