Why Use Calculators for Lead Generation?

What are the calculators on my website and how can they benefit me?

The ultimate goal of your marketing strategy is capturing leads and getting any prospects to convert.

It may be signing up for your newsletter, entering your sales funnel for your product or service, or simply sending you an email.

But, the goal is to convert.

And everyone loves a fancy calculator. Whether it’s calculating someone’s ROI, how much home they can buy, or making simple conversions between units, it’s hard to resist. And that’s what makes it the perfect tool for lead gen.

Benefits of Interactive Calculators


Interactive calculators offer a personalized experience by catering to the specific needs of users. This high level of customization makes them engaging and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Interactive Engagement:

Unlike static channels like white papers and PDFs, calculators provide an interactive and engaging platform. Users can easily interact with them and quickly obtain result-oriented solutions.

Building Trust:

Calculators focus on addressing visitor questions, fostering trust and transparency. By asking specific questions and offering tailored solutions, calculators contribute to building credibility with users.

SEO Impact:

The longer visitors spend on your page, the more favorable it is for your search engine ranking. Interactive calculators, being highly engaging, encourage users to spend more time on your page, thereby positively impacting your search engine rankings.

Generating Qualified Leads:

When prospects choose to invest their time in using your calculator and share their details, it indicates their qualification as leads. This makes it easier for you to enhance lead generation and guide them further along the sales funnel.

Calculators included in your website build:

  1. Rent vs Sell Calculator
  2. ROI Calculator
  3. Vacancy Loss Calculator

these calculators are based on user input and are for informational purposes only. Once an owner or investor requests the final calculations, basic contact information is captured and you receive the lead!